Wednesday, March 7, 2007

* Laser Technology to Quit Smoking

I received this very informative email from a visitor to my blog and I wanted to share it with all of you. People need to know that there are alternatives to harmful drugs out there that really work. I hope the following information helps:

I just finished reading in ETR your comments and blog info from Feedback Friday "Cigars...You Don't Need Them" and thought I'd write to you. As someone who is interested in alternatives to quit nicotine addiction whether it is cigarettes, cigars or snuff, I'd like you to know there is something that works. We are the only medical clinic in Southwest Florida utilizing low level laser technology to quit smoking without weight gain!

Please visit our website at to learn more. Beware, not all cold lasers are the same. There are many storefronts with lasers purchased over the internet. We are a medical clinic with a medical grade laser and the appropriate protocols. Our success rate is in the high 90%. The procedure is safe and painless, no chemicals, not shots, no patches or gum. It is two 30 minute sessions along with counseling. On the website you can read many, many success stories, but in our clinic we have an entire binder of successes from people who smoked as much as two cartons a week for 40 years and many smoked 50 years or more trying everything out there and failing until they came to us.

Thank you for having the information out there about your mother and what she went through. Education is vital as most people don't understand that nicotine addiction is tougher to quit than cocaine or heroin because it is inhaled and therefore a gas rather than a substance. If you think others would benefit from this info please let them know there is a safe alternative that works.


Lesley Walters
Therapeutic Laser Center, LLC
Sawyer Oaks Professional Park
5535 Marquesas Circle
Sarasota, FL 33423

Safe and Painless Laser Technology to Quit Smoking Without Weight Gain!